Technical sheet

Status: In production

Producer: Hook Up

Animation: Duermevela

Direction: Tomás Lipgot

Duration: 90 minutos

Genre: Animación 3D

Estimated release date: 2022

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This incredible story was born approximately 4,000 years ago, the work of the extinct Sumerian culture.
The myth tells the story of Gilgamesh, demi-god king of Uruk, to whom the gods create an equal - Enkidu- so that he learns to be a human.

The legend about this king tells that the citizens of Uruk, being oppressed, asked the gods for help, who sent a character called Enkindu to fight against Gilgamesh and defeat him. But the fight is taken very evenly, without a clear winner. Finally, Enkidu recognizes Gilgamesh as king and the two fighters make an urgency. Together they decide to make an old man in search of adventure, in which they face fantastic and dangerous animals.